Maternity photoshoot ideas you'll love forever

Maternity photoshoot ideas you'll love forever 

Pregnancy is a beautiful - but fleeting - time. Sure, when you’re feeling heavy and awkward 9 months feels like forever, but before you know it bubs will arrive and your world will be changed for the better. 


The time when your body is creating, nurturing, and protecting a precious miracle is the perfect time to celebrate your pregnancy with a maternity photoshoot.


There are all kinds of creative maternity photoshoot ideas, from indoors, outdoors, photo studios, using props, getting your pets involved, silly photoshoots and many more. Although celebrating your baby bump is the main focus, you can make the photos more meaningful by including your partner, other children, and your fur babies.


The idea is to have fun and capture genuine moments that mirror your personality, regardless of where and how you choose to take the photos.

Here are some of the best pregnancy photoshoot ideas to get you started. 

Outdoor maternity photoshoot ideas 

Having a photoshoot outside often produces beautiful pictures. The natural light adds brighter hues, making it possible to capture more details. Many background options don't require props, especially during the golden hours of sunrise or sunset. 

A flower-themed photoshoot 

Include some bright, colourful flowers in any theme you like. For instance, you can have flowers with pink or blue hues depending on the baby's gender, Australian native flowers, or bright seasonal flowers that reflect the time of year your baby is due. 

Places like the Australian National Botanic Garden, the National Rose Garden and the Arboretum can offer lovely backdrops for natural outdoor shoots.

Or, you could even take a series of photos every month throughout your pregnancy, using a flower moving from tiny bud to full bloom to mirror your pregnancy stage. 

Matching family outfits 

Matching outfits can be as classic or as kitsch and corny as you want! 

Using the same colour such as white or cream is a classic take, or if you’d rather your personality shines through, why not have some fun with your outfits. Or you can get really out there, like this basketball-loving couple!

Balloon bouquets 

A balloon bouquet is also a welcome addition, especially if it matches your flower crown or dress. Relatively cheap to buy, balloons add a sense of joy, lightness, positivity and playfulness to your shoot.

Street and urban backgrounds 

If you’re a city dweller, hit the streets and embrace the edgy and industrial backgrounds available around town for an outdoor maternity photoshoot. For an urban-chic aesthetic, look for textured backdrops like raw concrete, creative graffiti and textured metal walls or brightly coloured roller doors.

Use a blackboard or letter board to tell the REAL story

Making use of a sign or blackboard can add context to how you’re feeling at that point in time… and it doesn’t have to be serious. Check out this hilarious photo series from new mum Maya documenting the oh-so-enjoyable parts of pregnancy!

Focus on your belly - with or without belly art 

Having your baby bump painted by a professional is a great way to express your creativity, but having your pregnancy photos focus on your beautiful belly doesn’t have to mean getting messy with paint. 

Holding flowers, cradling your bump with your partner or exposing a bit of your bump in a beautiful flowy maternity dress puts the attention squarely on your baby.

Beach and underwater photoshoots

A maternity photoshoot underwater is a unique, creative idea. For great photos, it's essential to plan well. Ensure the photographer has experience taking pictures underwater, and the location should be safe for you and your baby. Beach locations are sometimes logistically easier - check out some of these gorgeous beach maternity shots by photographer Amanda Lennon.


Plus, you have a bunch of different themes and colour options, such as dressing in white and taking a floating photo, or adding colourful flower petals in the water.

Nursery photos

Indoor photos can also be stunning. The trick is to leverage indoor lighting and the atmosphere. You can stage your photo shoot in a special place such as the nursery or living room. You can also have your pets pose to make the photos even more meaningful.  

Silhouette photoshoot 

Silhouette photography has a magical vibe to it, and it's a perfect balance between concealing and revealing, like capturing stolen moments. If you are camera-shy, it’s a great way to take beautiful pictures without having to go too far outside your comfort zone.  

Bathtub photoshoot 

Water symbolises life and floating in water in a bathtub mirrors how your baby floats in your womb (although by this time, it probably feels like they are playing soccer with your bladder). 

One unique idea is using milk or a brightly coloured bath bomb in the water, then arranging colourful flowers around you. The colour beautifully contrasts your skin tone and perfectly frames the baby bump whilst keeping your private bits private!

Find the perfect outfit for your maternity photoshoot 

The best time to plan your photoshoot is towards the end of the second trimester or the beginning of the third trimester. During this time, the baby bump is well rounded, and the pregnancy glow peaks.  

Now that you have some ideas, you can start shopping for cute outfits to use in your photoshoot. The Bump Boutique offers you quality, comfortable maternity wear so you can show off your bump in style!